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We are located off of Crenshaw in Los Angeles, California! 4050 Crenshaw Blvd Los Angeles CA 90008

Our commitment to justice, equity, and empowerment distinguishes us. We offer a wide range of products, and our deals and discounts are unparalleled.

We actively engage in initiatives that uplift those disproportionately affected by outdated weed policies, ensuring benefits from the cannabis industry are accessible to all.

We support the community through social equity initiatives, economic empowerment, and special deals for deserving customers.

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 We offer a diverse range of premium cannabis products, including flower, edibles, drinks and concentrates, and more. Our selection is curated for quality, diversity, and innovation.

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Typically, taxes for retail sales of cannabis are just over 30% for adult-use consumers. However, they can vary depending on the local taxes charged in different cities. Below is a brief overview of Los Angeles retail cannabis taxes:

For retail sales of adult-use cannabis, the tax rate is 10%. This is in addition to the California state taxes, which include a 15% excise tax and the standard state sales tax of 7.25%.

So, to calculate the total tax, you would add the Los Angeles cannabis business tax, the state excise tax, and the sales tax. In this case, the result is 32.25%.

For medical cannabis, you must be 18 with a valid recommendation and government-issued identification. For adult use, you must be 21 with a government-issued ID

 Yes. A valid government-issued ID such as a driver’s license or passport is required.

We accept cash and debit cards for payment

Adult-use consumers in California can purchase up to 28.5 grams of flower or 8 grams of cannabis concentrate. Medical cannabis patients can purchase 8 ounces of medical cannabis per day.