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Our Story

Free the trappers

Welcome to Free the Trappers

Step into the heart of Crenshaw and into Free the Trappers! We’re not just a dispensary, we’re the revolution. Be part of freeing the trappers, where community drives, equity thrives, and liberation is the name of the game, right here on Crenshaw.

Rooted in the streets, our commitment to social equity is woven into the fabric of our movement. We actively engage in initiatives that uplift those disproportionately affected by outdated weed policies, ensuring that the benefits of the cannabis industry are accessible to all. Join us on this journey where the trapper spirit is not only celebrated but serves as a catalyst for positive change in our communities.

The Journey

In 2020, amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Herbarium envisioned the Free The Trappers campaign. Starting as an idea, the vision has transformed into a living entity. Our foundational principle lies in the ideology that no one should be in prison for cannabis and we strive to be the cannabis brand at the forefront of innovation, equity, and social justice. Free The Trappers not only strives to Highlight these principles, but also offer the chance to help the people affected by these incredibly unfair and unfortunate circumstances.

Today, as we stand at the threshold of a new chapter, Free The Trappers is not just a campaign; it’s a movement resonating through Los Angeles. As the cannabis industry transitions into new milestones, we aim to take bigger actions toward the decriminalization of cannabis and be on the forefront of Education, Consistency, and Quality! When you visit Free The Trappers you come to Family, and we want everyone to feel that way.  We are here not only for our community, but to continue to push for Justice and create history.

While state and federal cannabis policies are changing, there is still a long way to go to establish and maintain equity and justice. Currently, people who have been incarcerated for cannabis cannot own their own cannabis businesses. Inequity is a huge part of this industry and our country. As true allies, we pride ourselves in the work that we put into our mission day in and day out. Herbarium has been working closely with multiple organizations centered around the same mission, to decriminalize marijuana and expunge people’s records to allow ownership in cannabis.

Our Mission

It all started with Lorenze.

Lorenze’s story is the heartbeat of ‘Free the Trappers.’ From the struggles of youth spent in foster homes to the harsh realities of Skid Row, his life was marked by battles that tested his resilience. A marijuana felony at the age of 18 set him on a path fraught with challenges, leading him in and out of jail, and into the depths of homelessness, and despair Yet, in the face of these hardships, Lorenze found a way to empower himself economically, embracing the trapper lifestyle not just as a means of survival, but as a path to self-reliance. His journey mirrors the experiences of many who seek comfort  in the shadows of the streets, where every decision is a step towards either peril or promise.

Today, as the owner of a social equity dispensary, Lorenze stands as a living testament to the power of second chances. The movement to expunge felony convictions has opened a door for him and many others, offering a chance to rewrite their stories. ‘Free the Trappers’ is not just a dispensary; it’s a symbol of hope and transformation, a place where the past doesn’t define one’s future.

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