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Free The Trappers: The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Weed Dispensary Los Angeles

Los Angeles certainly is no ‘weed dessert’. Cannabis retailers have been flourishing in LA for the past few years and there are quite a few good dispensaries throughout the city. 

Even though there are many dispensaries to choose from, it is usually best to find one good go-to dispensary that you can trust for all of your cannabis needs.

A tried and trusted supplier can provide a lot of convenience and you can rest assured that you will always get the best whenever you refill your weed pantry. 

So how do you go about finding the best Weed dispensary Los Angeles? How do you pick the best from all the rest? Let’s take a look. 

Finding the Best Weed dispensary Los Angeles

If you want to find a dispensary that you can trust for all of your weed needs then it is usually best to look for one that has the following qualities.

Full Licensing

Being forced to travel a great distance every time you need to refill your cannabis stockpile or whenever you want to try something new can be very annoying. A good go-to dispensary should be close to home because this will help you save on travel expenses, offer more convenience, and eliminate the chances of indulging in illegal activities like driving under the influence of marijuana.

Free The Trappers is located at 4050 Crenshaw Blvd Los Angeles and this is indeed a very convenient spot for anyone in the area. You can easily pop in and out of the store while commuting from work. 

Friendly Service

Your chosen dispensary should always make you feel welcome. The last thing you need is a stuck-up vibe or a sense of discomfort in the air. 

The general cannabis culture is pretty chill, especially here in LA which means most dispensaries you visit will have a pretty relaxing vibe. 

Free The Trappers are especially welcoming since this dispensary is rooted in helping local communities. Here you will find down-to-earth budtenders and you can count on friendly service every time you visit or call.

Expert Advice

Some expertise always comes in handy when you are trying weed for the first time or when you want to sample a new product. It is always good to buy from a budtender who knows his stuff and that is exactly what you will find when you visit Free The Trappers.

The budtenders that work here are all very experienced and knowledgeable on all THC and CBD products. You can ask as many questions as you like and will always get the best advice.

A Vast Weed Menu

A vast weed menu is a critical feature if you are looking for a dispensary that you can trust for all of your weed needs.

In this department, Free The Trappers truly exceeds all expectations. The dispensary has a massive product range that includes various weed flower cultivars, ground flower products, cartridges, disposables, cannabis beverages, edibles, gummies, shakes, prerolls, wax, and other concentrates. Here you will find a variety of flavors, brands, and product types. 

This massive product range means that there will always be a suitable product to treat any condition you might be dealing with and there will always be something new to try whenever you are having fun with friends. 

Weed Dispensary Los Angeles

Online Ordering

Online ordering is a must at a time when our lifestyles can be so busy. It is very convenient to sit back and order all of the tasty goodies you might need while you are on your lunch break or while chilling at home.

The ability to order online is especially appealing for discreet weed use and it can be a very good option for those who love to read all about the products or about the ingredients these products might contain.

Delivery or Pickup Services

A dispensary that can deliver to your doorstep can offer a lot of comfort and can also keep you out of trouble if you are already indulging in the pleasures that a preroll might have to offer. Delivering dispensaries can also save you a lot of time and allow you to keep having fun without setting foot out of the door. 

While deliveries can be good, some might prefer to pick up their products after work. A dispensary that is willing to package your entire order and have it ready for pickup is ideal for those who live busy lifestyles. 

Good Level of Discretion

Buying marijuana can be a  little bit intimidating, especially if you are not out of the cannabis closet just yet or if it is your first time buying. Many also prefer to maintain a high level of discretion so they can avoid workplace stigma or simply because what you do in your free time isn’t anyone else’s business.


It is always good to buy from a dispensary that is a little bit discreet or that maintains a high level of professionalism.

Dispensaries with online stores, delivery services, and discreet packaging can be a breath of fresh air for anyone who doesn’t like explaining their lifestyle choices. 

It can also be good to buy from a physical dispensary Los Angeles that doesn’t have an overpowering presence. This way you can easily slip in and out without anyone noticing. 

Free The Trappers - The LA Dispensary That Has it All

If you are looking for a dispensary that has all of the qualities you might dream of then it is time to give Free The Trappers a try. Our dispensary offers everything you could ever hope for because we have a huge weed menu, offer pickup and delivery services, and have all the experience needed to guide you on your weed journey. 

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