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7 Reasons Why We Love Pre-Rolls

Reasons Why We Love Pre-Rolls

7 Reasons Why We Love Pre-Rolls Filling your lungs with the smoky sensation and aromatic fragrance of cannabis flower is pure bliss. Puffing on a premium quality joint will wisk away all of your troubles in a flash. But this is hardly the only reason to indulge in these blissful items. There are lots of […]

Free the Trappers’ Guide: Unveiling the Best Weed in Los Angeles

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Free the Trappers’ Guide: Unveiling the Best Weed in Los Angeles Welcome to another Free the Trappers blog entry – a revolutionary cannabis dispensary rooted in the streets of Los Angeles.   We’d like to think that we are more than just a dispensary and that we’re a movement committed to breaking down barriers and […]

Free The Trappers: The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Weed Dispensary Los Angeles

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Los Angeles certainly is no ‘weed dessert’. Cannabis retailers have been flourishing in LA for the past few years and there are quite a few good dispensaries throughout the city. Even though there are many dispensaries to choose from, it is usually best to find one good go-to dispensary that you can trust for all […]

Green Scene Unravelled: Best Dispensary in Los Angeles Revealed

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Regarding cannabis culture, you can find the best dispensaries in Los Angeles. Yet, finding the best price dispensary in Los Angeles is a journey. Finding the right dispensary to fit your needs can be challenging with so many options available. So, for this reason, we have unveiled one that stands out from the rest. Get […]

Discover the Best: Top Dispensaries in Los Angeles for Premier Cannabis

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Top Dispensaries in Los Angeles for Premier Cannabis In the vibrant landscape of LA, where cannabis culture thrives, finding the perfect dispensary in Los Angeles is crucial for users seeking top-quality products and a memorable experience. But before we get to the top contender, what makes a cannabis dispensary a top-notch dispensary in Los Angeles? […]

Criminalization of cannabis Led to Inequities Now State Revenues Seek to Address

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The U.S. criminalization of cannabis (marijuana), starting with the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970, has disproportionately impacted the poor and people of color with higher rates of arrests and incarceration. While the federal government still categorizes cannabis as a Schedule I drug with “no currently accepted medical use in treatment in […]

Herbarium’s Mission for Social Equity: Free The Trappers Campaign and What It Means


Herbarium’s foundational principle lies in the ideology that no one should be in prison for cannabis. Our vision is to be the cannabis brand at the forefront of innovation, equity, and social justice. As the cannabis industry transitions into new milestones such as legalization throughout the country, we aim to take bigger actions toward the […]

Overturning marijuana convictions is saving lives


Lorenze spent years in and out of jail, battling homelessness on LA’s Skid Row, due to of a marijuana felony at 18. But now a movement to expunge marijuana convictions is giving him a second chance.